Anxiety and the two arrows…

The Buddha explains whenever we experience pain in life we are being hit by a metaphysical arrow. This may be an arrow of illness, grief, injury, a mental or physical ailment. It's a situation, circumstance or something that has just "happened."  However, following this first arrow we usually find ourselves being hit by a second… Continue reading Anxiety and the two arrows…

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The end of deafness?

Ted Evans’ award winning short film, The End, poses the question, ‘if there was a cure for deafness, would you take it?’ In its raw, documentary style The End explores what could indeed happen if deafness was eventually eradicated.For those of you with hearing or with no exposure to the deaf community, saying ‘yes’ to a… Continue reading The end of deafness?

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A response to ‘Strangers’ – a short film by Brian Duffy

I’ve just got round to watching Brian Duffy’s short film ‘Strangers’. Using dialogues led by a young deaf guy and his parents, it showed its audience just how possible it is for a deaf person to feel like an outsider towards their own hearing family.Isolated and frustrated, mainly because his parents were poor communicators, the young guy… Continue reading A response to ‘Strangers’ – a short film by Brian Duffy

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Exclusive interview with Jules Dameron, director of ASL version of Let it Go

There is no denying that the Disney film Frozen has taken the world by storm. And its iconic song, Let it Go, has enjoyed tremendous success.With over 265 million views on You Tube and an academy award for best original song, it has been translated into 42 languages.And now, thanks to the Deaf Professional Arts Network,… Continue reading Exclusive interview with Jules Dameron, director of ASL version of Let it Go

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The novelty of sign language…

As someone who works in signed song - that is, performing songs in sign language - my first priority is always the comprehension of the signs. I take the responsibility of making lyrics accessible verrrrry seriously. That doesn't mean they have to look uninteresting, however. Oh no. One of the most beautiful aspects of working with… Continue reading The novelty of sign language…